Toga Run 2018 Spring Hill, FL


Toga Run 2018 Spring Hill, FL

Toga Run 2018 Spring Hill, FL

Event                                                             Time                                               Price Details

TOGA 5k Run/Walk Spring Hill 10:00AM EST – 12:00PM EST $30 Registration ends January 25, 2018 at 11:59pm EST
Kids Olympic Dash 10:00AM EST – 12:00PM EST $0 Registration ends January 25, 2018 at 11:59pm EST
TOGA Run 5k Student (21 and under) 10:00AM EST – 12:00PM EST $15 Registration ends January 25, 2018 at 11:59pm EST


Anderson Snow Park
1360 Anderson Snow Rd
Spring Hill, FL US 34609

Be Greek for the day and enjoy a legendary TOGA 5k Run or Walk and Kids Olympic Dash!

-Warm Up Dance Party in your TOGA,

-Suprises every 1 mile

-Best Photo Op Spots in History

You will be blown away by how much fun you can have in a TOGA!

So you can really party like a Greek we are giving you Free Admission to the Greek Food & Music Festival for the ultimate TOGA after party.

First 50 runners to cross the finish line receive a piece of delicious Baklava!

All Registered receive a GOLD finishers medal!

The 2018 Toga Run 5K for Spring Hill has been scheduled for January 27, 2018. This event will have many additions to the pre-race activities including the crowning of Athena & Achilles. After the race there will be plenty great food post-race and at our 8th Annual Greek Festival! Bring friends and family out to enjoy live music, delicious food, dancing and kids zone! The Greek Festival will be taking place at the Hernando County Fairgrounds about 15 minutes away from the Run.

YFA’s Run for New Beginnings

YFA’s Run for New Beginnings


YFA's Run for New Beginnings

Registration is Open and the team competition is on!

Details from their Facebook Page –>

Join us for the Run For New Beginnings 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run Walk that will be held on Saturday, October 14, 2017 in Downtown Brooksville.

The 5K course is one of the most scenic in Tampa Bay as well as challenging and peaceful. You will run through beautiful tree-lined, rolling hills as you are cheered on by supporters. A lot of the course is the same as the famous Flatlanders course.

All 5K runners will receive a custom designed tank and finisher’s medal. 


Thank you to Whittel & Melton, LLC for being the Presenting Sponsor again this year!

Join us on this certified course that is located in beautiful hilly, green Brooksville, FL.

At this 5K run / walk there are beautiful oaks and rolling hills that line this route making it challenging for all who enter.

This 6th Annual Run will raise funds that will support Youth and Family Alternatives Programs : The New Beginnings Youth Shelter, NonResidential Support Services and the Adoptions Services.

Our goal is to help families ensure a healthy and safe environment in which to flourish; a nurturing, supportive environment free of drugs and alcohol abuse, of physical emotional and sexual abuse


6:30am Registration Opening and Pre Race Program

7:30 am 5K Run or Walk

8:45am 1 Mile Fun Run

9:30am Awards & Post Race Party

The New Beginnings Youth Shelter is located in Brooksville, FL and serves youth and families in Hernando, Citrus and Sumter Counties. YFA’s Runaway, Homeless and Youth Crisis Shelters serve over 1,000 youth and their families promoting positive family interactions, resource referrals, and temporary residential care.

To Find out More about Youth and Family Alternatives services please visit

Motivated Moments

Motivated Moments

Motivated Moments


Have you had one lately? Would you like to have one? How does it feel to have that motivated moment?

Lately, I have not had a ton of motivated moments. I have had some spurts here and there, but nothing that truly said, wow that was a great workout, an amazing run, nothing, until my Tuesday morning class. Recently, I have come into class very distracted and sometimes the classes are not as good as they could be. However, Tuesday morning became one of those illusive motivated moments for me. My choreography and coaching were kicking, and then I decided mid-teaching to change up some tracks. The second half of class almost became my greatest hits of Body Combat.

Changing up my pre-organized tracks is not normal for me. Anyone who knows me, knows that I plan meticulously, and if I don’t have time to plan, I fall back on what I have been doing. We are less than three weeks away from the next release being launched, so I am heavily teaching a class with a mix, but sometimes even your mix gets old too. When that happens, I sometimes teach some of my favorites. I don’t want to do that too often because I don’t want to be boring or predictable for my classes. Tuesday, though, I felt really great energy and I just felt on, so I opted to switch out three of the tracks in my playlist for three older tracks that I just love, so I still know the choreography on the fly. I really hope that the class had a good workout because I know that I sure did.

How Does It Happen? 

I don’t think you can plan for a motivated moment. The intention is always there do be motivated and to do our best, but I don’t think you can always feel it. I know that you can certainly fake it. No one wants to fake having good energy and enthusiasm. You want to be authentic and really believe in what you are doing. I would like to think that I motivated my class Tuesday morning. I felt their energy and it empowered me to teach better and motivate them to strive for more. It was a win-win for everyone.

Don’t plan for the motivated moment; plan to be motivating, and when you are, step it up to the next level. Don’t quit; don’t stop! Be present in the moment!

Just Keep Going!

Goals, Advice, Your Choice

Goals, Advice, Your Choice

Goals, Advice, Your Choice

Is this a list of Goals, Advice, it’s Your Choice! Do with the information what you will. Sometimes you hear things and it speaks to you. All these words are not fresh or new, but when put together, they mean something to me. These words remind me that I need to take more time and I need to engage with those around me. I need to be present in situations that require my presence. Sometimes I just need to be still and listen.

Maybe the list are goals that I have for myself in regards to my children. Is it good advice for you today? Your choice!

Just Keep Going!

Tired? Hurt? Rejuvenate!

Tired? Hurt? Rejuvenate!

Tired? Hurt? Rejuvenate!

Life getting you down? Are you not where you want to be? Tired? Hurt? Rejuvenate!


It happens to all of us at one time or another. Life happens! Work happens! We can get can run down. Sometimes we can get tired. Having you been feeling tired? If you don’t have enough energy, you probably need to work out a little more. It can seem counter-intuitive, but most likely you need to keep a regular workout routine. Consistency and movement will keep you feeling great.


What if it’s not fatigue? Injuries can be a drag and definitely require recovery time. Sometimes it’s just a twinge, but other times injuries need medical attention. It is important to listen to your body. Don’t overtax your muscles and cause further injury. Use ice, use heat, get a massage, or go to the doctor. Muscle soreness is one thing, but pain is a different story. Don’t ignore pain and allow it to get worse.  Listen to your body and get rest when necessary.


After rehabbing your injuries, find your routine again. It can be really challenging to get back into it when you have to take time off, but don’t give up. Press on! You have to get “it” back. Even after being tired, or hurt, it is necessary to rejuvenate. Maybe you need to change your routine in order to not aggravate your injury. Change can be good. Modify, but don’t give up!

Recently I saw someone get hurt. She is taking measures to rehab the injury. The fire inside is there, and she wants to get back to regular workouts. She is taking the injury seriously, but at the same time she continues to have the passion for a really good workout. I know that she won’t give up and very soon, I will see her back at the gym kicking butt!

That is her goal and it should be yours too!

Just Keep Going!

RAP River Run Review-10 Year Celebration

RAP River Run Review-10 Year Celebration

Rap River Run Review-10 Year Celebration

Rap River Run Review-10 Year Celebration

Last Saturday, June 10, 2017, the Rap River Run held its 10 Year Celebration. The event was held in the early hours of Saturday with a 10K run starting at 6:30, followed by a 5K run at 7:30. For both races the Ainsley’s Angels took to the courses first. A sizable group was on hand for the Angels, allowing them to take the prize for largest group.

In the 10K, Joseph Fuller from Sidney, Ohio came in first out of 257 runners with a time of 34:47. That is fast! His split times for 6 miles were 5:36 per mile. Even on a hot morning, he cruised to an easy victory with the next runner finishing at 36:25.

On the 5K sides of things, Ryan Deak from Burke, Virginia took first out of 664 runners with a time of 16:09. His split times were also fast, averaging 5:12 per mile.

Between the two races, 921 people crossed the finished line. Although some ran both races, that is very close to the 1000 person goal set by the race committee.

Electric Atmosphere

The atmosphere before and after the race was party like. Most races have a lot of enthusiasm and energy, but at Sims Park or should I say Party, early Saturday morning the mood was electric. Participants, sponsors, vendors, and volunteers were ready and pumped. When you have over a 1000 people at one venue, the atmosphere is bound to bring excitement.

Some participants registered on Friday, allowing them to sport the neon green race shirt on Saturday for the event. Others came early on Saturday and checked in. Race bags were small, allowing participants and families to visit the variety of vendor booths and get goodies. Food, snacks, and free items were plentiful. People milled around after their various events waiting for the results. Kiosks were set up to allow participants to view their placements.  Age group winners received trophies. Door prizes were also given out.

Thank you RAP River Run for a great event and amazing support of YFA.

Time Is Limited

Time Is Limited

Time Is Limited

Do you ever feel like you just don’t have enough time? I constantly feel like I am running out of time. Our Time Is Limited! We only have so man hours in the day, days in week, weeks in a year, and years in our lifetime. It is essential to use your time wisely. This is not a cliche; it’s the truth.

Don’t waste your time trying to live someone else’s life. Live your life and fulfill your dreams.

Just Keep Going!

10 Year Celebration: Rap River Run Preview

10 Year Celebration: Rap River Run Preview

The race committee, sponsors, and vendors have been working hard to make this year’s Rap River Run amazing. It is a 10 Year Celebration, and I am happy to be running in this event.

10 Year Celebration: Rap River Run

What You Can Expect

This race is one of the larger ones in the area. Sims Park has has been remodeled recently, making the park an even better event location. Many sponsors, vendors, participants, and families will be in attendance on Friday evening for set up and registration, as well as race day on Saturday morning.  Various vendors will be on site at the park with samples on Saturday.

About the run and Why…

This is an incredible run that moves along the Cotee River and benefits RAP House Shelter which was started by Youth and Family Alternatives Inc. in 1982 to help runaways and youth in crisis. It works to keep families intact whenever possible.

Many of the youth who arrive at the shelter hate school, feel frustrated and some are contemplating running away. For some their problems are compounded by drugs or alcohol. These youth ages range from 10-17 and they need someone to talk to. RAP House is that special place. This fundraising event has done wonderful things for YFA. The event has amazing support in the community and around the county.

Race Information


Saturday, June 10, 2017- Rain or Shine!


Sims Park (Downtown New Port Richey)
6400 Circle Blvd.
New Port Richey, FL


10K – New this year
5K Run/Walk
Kid’s Adventure Run

10K & 5K are USATF Certified Courses

Start Times:

10K – 6:30am
5K Run/Walk: 7:30am
Kid’s Adventure Run: 9:00am

Race Timing:

10K & 5K will be be using disposable chip system


Medals to all Finishers
Age Group Awards

Packet Pick-Up & Late Registration

Friday, June 9th at Sims Park – 4:00 – 7:00 pm
Race Morning: 5:30 am

10 Year Celebration: Rap River Run
Get one more run in before you call it quits for the summer!

Find Your Target

Find Your Target & Hit It

Find Your Target

Do you ever feel like your are spitting in the wind and hoping something sticks? I do often feel this way, but sometimes you have to find your target and hit it! Sometimes we flounder and sometimes we lose direction, but sometimes we have a target. When your target is in your sights, you need to go for it. Is it a goal you have always had or the end of a project or process? Keep your focus on the target and hit it hard and strong.

Achieve the goal! Finish the race! Nail the target!

Just Keep Going!